Curtis Bac

Architectural Designer

Curtis brings a unique vantage point to 42° North with his dual education in interior and exterior architecture. As a child, he looked over the shoulder of his father, an architectural draftsman, who brought to life his son’s imagined homes with AutoCAD software. Curtis was inspired to help others imagine the possibilities of their living spaces.

These innate skills are put to great use as he uses 3D modeling and drafting to help our clients clearly visualize their perspective home. In addition to exterior design, Curtis translates the client’s ideas to flesh out the interior design down to finishes. This helps our clients better understand how their future home will fit their lifestyle.

Curtis is especially interested in the environmental psychology of interior spaces and feels that architects and interior designers must design with a purpose. “Even the most subtle of things can change our perception of our environment. Every selection has a very distinct affect and we, as designers, have to understand how this influences the individual to give them the best possible interaction with their living space.”

While actively pursuing his architecture license, Curtis brings his passion for designing homes with function and purpose to 42° North.

"Curtis is inspired to help others imagine the possibilities of their living spaces."