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Design Process — Contractors

Our Process


Beyond the usual

We’re doing things a little differently than you’re used to. When you work with 42° North, you’ll come to understand why we call ourselves a boutique firm.

Are you used to working with architects who hand you their drawings and disappear?

Have a job you need to get off the ground? We’ll get to work and turn it around faster than you’ve come to expect.

High success rates

We have a very high success rate competing against other architects and can help you seal the deal with a prospective client. We’re here to build trust and relationships with both clients and contractors, so we strive to find the perfect match of personality and who will best deliver on expectations. Our drawing are designed with details to make your life easier and to make the architecture come to life at your skilled hands. 42° North drawings reflect dimensions to frame and not to finishes; especially critical on projects with a high degree of complexity. We understand that framers and builders shouldn’t be mind-readers.

Ryan’s drawings are exceptional; I love all the detail he puts into his blueprints. It’s obvious that Ryan has a vested interest in his drawings since he’s always available to answer any questions. I call him, and he’s out there on the site!
- Nathan Markwat, Owner, Haro Construction, LLC.


We don’t hand off our blueprints and disappear into the sawdust. We understand that time is money, and if your job comes to a standstill because of a question, you need answers fast.

In a word, Ryan is ‘accessible.’ If I call, he answers; if I leave a message, his quick turnaround sets him apart from what we typically see with other architects. His drawings provide helpful detail and good information for the guys in the field. I’ve observed that Ryan hangs in there even though you’d think his work has been completed. He’s been very available and willing to stop at the site to help us through things that happen as the project evolves. I very much appreciate his responsiveness…he gets things handled.
- Steve DeWitt, BDR Project Manager

42° North will always be accessible to you. We’re personally committed to keeping the project moving.

Intelligent design for the home of your life.