Who We Are

Ryan La Haie


The driving force behind 42° North’s boutique experience is the owner and principal Ryan La Haie. Like most people who develop a unique skill into a career, Ryan knew from a very young age he loved architecture; its forms, materials, and craftsmanship.

Curtis Bac


Curtis brings a unique vantage point to 42° North with his dual education in interior and exterior architecture. As a child, he looked over the shoulder of his father, an architectural draftsman, who brought to life his son’s imagined homes with AutoCAD software. Curtis was inspired to help others imagine the possibilities of their living spaces.

Roberto Gonzalez


Roberto’s inquisitive nature was fueled by working beside his dad pouring and finishing concrete building foundations. Watching solid form develop into a living structure, he wondered who the mastermind was behind this transformation. He knew at an early age that he wanted to learn all the details behind how a house is built.

Alan Briones-Torres


Alan thrives on watching documentaries about how things are made and this broadened his perspective into understanding the nuts and bolts of architecture. Alan’s hard-working parents sparked a fascination with studying construction details to learn how they inform a structure.

Ethan Schilling


  • Graduated from Forest Hills High School 2021
  • Attending Lawrence Technological University
  • Studying Architecture