Jacob Davies

Architectural Designer

It has always been Jacob’s single goal since elementary school to pursue his degree in architecture. “I have always been fascinated in understanding what is revealed by a building. As a teenager, I dragged my mom through the Grand Rapids Parade of Homes to discover all the new and impressive trends in residential design.” It was seeing 42° North at these very tours that led Jacob to work for them today. 

Jacob began working at 42° North in 2024 after obtaining his Master of Architecture degree. 

Jacob joins 42° North with an extensive background designing large multi-family projects around the country and the realization that he has completed a long, single-minded journey to get here.

“Working at 42° North has given me the insight of what quality projects look like and the process it takes to get there. What is unique is our intentionality: we care about the everyday needs and rhythms in our clients’ lives. This results with how best to support them through architecture.” 

“At 42° North I am able to help with the design process of custom residential homes which allows me to circle back to exactly why I fell in love with architecture in the first place.”

“Residential design is the culmination of a life-long vision to design interesting and exciting spaces that suit the practical needs of our clients.”