Addition and Home Renovation Designer

Life comes with plenty of changes—new additions to your family, emptying nests, aging parents, and growing home businesses, just to name a few. However, our houses don’t change on their own, and building a new house might not be the best option for you.

If you’re planning on doing major renovations to your home, it can pay dividends to work with a trustworthy home remodel designer who can help with the renovation process.

Our Home Renovation Design Process

Not sure what to expect when you choose to work with a home remodel designer from 42º North? Here’s a breakdown of the steps you can expect:

  • Connect with us: We want to get to know you before we start putting together designs. Expect to sit for a coffee with us so we can get to know each other and start asking questions about the way your home currently is and how you envision it.
  • Tell us about your vision: Listening is our greatest skill, even more than home redesign. We’ll spend a lot of time learning about your current space, both through our questionnaires and observations. We’ll also want to hear what you love and hate about your current space, and any spaces you’ve used in the past—even hotels.
  • Give us a tour: Whether you’re having us redesign your bathroom, kitchen, or another space in your home, we want to see how you use the space for ourselves. This gives us a chance to see the ergonomics, spatial relations, and scale of the room.
  • Watch us work: We’ll use the latest architectural CAD software to give you an exact visual of what your custom home renovations will look like, down to the textures on the flooring and drapery.
  • Make us your construction consultant: We’re not going to vanish after we get final approval on your residential redesign! Expect us to stick around to make sure your project exceeds your expectations—we’re in it until you get your keys. 

Architectural Styles

We specialize in multiple different exterior and interior architectural styles. Here are some of the styles your home remodel designer may recommend once they learn more about you:

At 42º North, we like to view our approach as design-agnostic. We don’t like to limit ourselves to just a few different styles based on our preferences or what we’re known for. Instead, since we use a more service-based approach, we recommend styles based on what we learn about your unique tastes.

Our Custom Home Renovation Services

A sun room that was part of a residential redesign and home renovation

Residential Redesigns and Renovations

Maybe you love the character and bones of your home, but certain elements just don’t work for your lifestyle any longer. It can be easy to feel overwhelmed or not see the hidden potential in your existing home.

Our home renovation design services can help you focus on changing strategic areas of your home that will not break the bank.  Whether you want to add an outdoor entertainment space, an additional living room, or even more bedrooms to accommodate your growing family, we can help.

Bathroom Redesigns

It’s just a fact: You’re going to use your bathroom multiple times each day, every day, for the rest of your life for one reason or another. (If you’re not, then you might have bigger problems than what a residential renovation can solve.)

At 42º North, we specialize in bathroom renovations. Whether it is swapping an existing tub for a walk-in shower, creating privacy for the water closet, or adding a sauna, our designers can transform your bathroom into your own private spa. 

Bathroom Home Renovation
Kitchen Redesigns

Kitchen Redesigns

People visiting your home will often see your kitchen before they see anything else. That’s why a thoughtful kitchen renovation is essential if you’re looking to make the room feel modern or more like an extension of your personality.

With our help, our clients have been able to take their old, outdated, and dysfunctional kitchens and turn them into award-winning spaces that marry both function and form.

Home Additions

Sometimes, you just need more space. Whether you’re looking to add an outdoor living space to your home or want to convert your garage into a new rec room, 42º North can help.

We specialize in redesigning your home to fit the changing needs life brings. We’ve done everything from adding attached garages with lofts for additional storage space to adding more bedrooms, in-law suites, and more.

Clifford Lake Sun Room Redesign

Aging in Place

At 42º North, we’re proud to be Certified Aging-in-Place Specialists (CAPS). We dedicated the time to getting this certification because we believe your home should evolve with you. 

No matter what your needs are as you get older, we can tailor your home to fit your current and future lifestyle and needs. This includes considerations such as hallway and doorway widths, steps, and material maintenance in every part of your home. That way, you can continue to live in your home for decades to come.

You can expect frequent site visits and communication with your building team to check in on their progress. We’ll also refer you to some recommended interior designers, landscapers, and other professionals.

Why Choose 42° North as Your Remodel Designer?

We are here to make your dreams a reality. While we have decades of experience in home redesign for all parts of a house, we care more about building in your best interest. We consider our clients to be our friends first and foremost—which is probably why we’ve managed to stay connected with them long after the project is over.

Unlike most traditional architects, who might sketch right in front of you, we like to provide something that has a little more substance. That’s why we’re more interested in getting to know how you live than putting a ton of baseless showmanship into our first meetings with you.

Our Portfolio

We’ve helped homeowners all over Michigan transform their homes to match their needs by working with some of the best builders and interior designers in the region. 

You can view our complete home renovation design portfolio here.

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