How to go from meeting a new friend to crafting their dream home

42 North is committed to crafting a home uniquely tailored to you and the ones you love. Our goal is to understand the ergonomics of how you live and the ideals you hold closest to your heart. Our process is unique and is designed to help you achieve your ultimate vision for the place you call home.



I’m sure we all want to get to know each other before venturing into such an important project together. It takes time to build trust and connection. Let’s get drinks, grab a coffee, and laugh together. This can be in-person, or virtual via an online call.

Where do you put your keys? Where do you put your phone? Details like this give us grounding reference as we begin to design. Once we’ve gotten to know you, we’ll shift to discussing your vision—and we want to hear every detail.

We are not quick to put pen to paper. Drawing live in the first meeting is pure theater. Rather, we want to gather the key information we need to understand your goals before we begin the design process.

Your Lifestyle Vision

While each person is unique, there are key differentiators that determine the best-optimized design for your lifestyle. We’ve compiled these into a questionnaire which will give us a foundation for making informed decisions on your architecture and design.

Many architectural questionnaires focus only on what you want in your new design. Unfortunately, focusing only on vision or aspiration doesn’t produce excellent spaces. We find it most beneficial to focus on what you love—and hate—about your current home, and even hotels or other spaces you’ve experienced.

I cannot state how unbelievable both Ryan and Travis have been through the design build of our home. They have more than exceeded expectations, saved us money, but most of all they have treated us like family and put in time that most won’t do for a project.


Your House Tour

You’re building a new home because your current home doesn’t match your ultimate vision or lifestyle. That’s why the most important advantage to the 42 North process is a tour of your current home! Of course, this is optional depending on your comfort. But, we have discovered that touring your current home gives us insightful epiphanies that we would never be able to discover through conversation or questionnaire.

We will walk with you through each part of your home to learn about the ergonomics, spatial relations, and scale. This information will reveal so much about how to make your new home the best it can be.

Pen to Paper

Once we have a comprehensive understanding of who you are and your lifestyle, we’re ready to begin. During this process, it’s important for us to be attentive to little details, but also keep our eyes on the larger vision. Our goal is to focus on the feelings you want to experience when you arrive back home after a long day, or wake up to the sunlight streaming into the windows on a bright morning.

During our design process, it’s important that we define every detail of what you’re trying to achieve. We also want to make sure that you have as much opportunity to see what the final outcome will look like as possible. Building a 3D model and fleshing in details—like the landscaping, the texture of the siding, and more.

Your Construction Partner

During the construction process, we are as hands-on as possible. Our goal is to do everything we can to stay on budget and turn your vision into reality. Frequent site visits and our communication with the builder ensure your home construction is progressing. We will make recommendations for interior designers, landscapers, home technology, and more. 42 North doesn’t disappear once the design is complete—we’re your partner and your friends through the process.

We at 42 North are so excited to see the final product—a space you can truly call home.

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