Our Traverse City Architecture Firm

If you’re trying to choose from Traverse City’s architecture firms for your next project, look no further. At 42º North, we’re proud to be your partner in residential design. Discover what makes us Traverse City’s premier design firm.

What Our Architecture Firm in Traverse City, MI Does

Residential Architecture

We specialize in custom home design in Traverse City. Our team can customize your entire home to fit your exact needs. No idea is too outlandish when we’re creating luxury residential design in Michigan. As long as it complies with state building codes, we’re open to helping your wildest design dreams come true.

Stables and Horse Barn Designs

At 42º North, we’ve created equestrian stables and barn designs so our clients and their equine family members can feel at home and comfortable throughout northern Michigan’s pleasant summers, all with beautiful architecture.

As your barn designer, we can also use our skills to build the perfect space for storing vintage cars, doing your more intensive hobbies, storing large equipment or toys, and more.

Home Renovations and Additions

Suppose you love your home but know it’s long overdue for an update and the layout no longer works for you. Maybe you want a few extra walls in that open-concept design. Perhaps you want to find ways to modernize the space with the architectural design style you like most.

Regardless of your specific situation, our home renovation design services in Michigan can help you update your home to fit your vision. We can update everything from bathrooms and kitchens to entire interior floor plans.

We can also help you design additions that flow seamlessly into the rest of your home. That way, you can include extra spaces for your hobbies, an in-law suite, more rooms for your growing family, or any other areas you need.

Aging in Place Remodeling

We’re proud to be a certified aging-in-place specialist team serving homeowners throughout Michigan, including Traverse City. We can adapt your current home to fit your needs for independent living, including:

  • Kitchen renovations
  • Bathroom updates for safety
  • Bedroom accessibility measures
  • Navigation updates to your home overall

Our goal is to make your home fit your exact needs so you can continue living independently in the place you’ve made your own.

Our Design Specialties

At 42º North, we consider ourselves design-agnostic. We’ll work with any style you want for your home design in Traverse City, MI. However, we have some award-winning design styles that we consider to be our specialties, including:

  • Prairie: Our award-winning Prairie-style homes focus on expanding the home’s design outward, stretching across the horizon with modern geometric lines.
  • Contemporary & Modern: While there are some differences between the two styles, both tend to emphasize broad, geometric lines and lots of natural light.
  • Mountain Modern & Rustic: These homes blend modern elements like natural light and panoramic windows with rustic features like natural stone and wood.
  • Craftsman: These homes blend beauty with practicality, featuring elements like gabled roofs, exposed rafters, and ornate windows.
  • And more: This list is not exhaustive. Whether you’re looking for a transitional home, a European, or some combination of styles in our portfolio or beyond, we can make your exact vision a reality.

Why Choose Us

Not sure what to expect when you choose to work with 42º North? Here’s what you can expect:

CAP Connect

Connect with us

We want to get to know you first. Expect to sit for a coffee with us so we can learn about your vision before we get started.

Tell Us About Your Vision

Listening is our greatest skill, even more than architectural design. We’ll spend time learning about your current space through questionnaires and observations—including what you love and hate.

Give Us A Tour

We’ll view how you use your current space for ourselves. This gives us a chance to see the ergonomics, spatial relations, and scale of the home.

Watch Us Work

We’ll use the latest architectural CAD software to give you an exact visual of what your home will look like, down to the texture of the drapes.


Make Us Your Consultant

We won’t disappear after we get final approval on your residential redesign! Expect us to stay connected during construction so your project exceeds your expectations.

Start Working with the Best Residential Architectural Firm in Michigan

Ready to make your new custom home in Traverse City a reality? Connect with us today to get started and let us be your architecture partner.