Our Architecture Firm in Michigan

If you’re in the market for architectural design firms near you in Michigan, it’s important to not only find someone local, but also a team that is easy to work with. At 42º North, we’re proud to be your partner in residential design. Explore what makes our design firm stand out from the crowd.

Areas Our Residential Architecture Firm Serves

If you’re looking for residential architecture firms near you, it’s important to make sure they’re familiar with your area. We’re proud to offer our residential architecture design services across the country, including our home state of Michigan.

Within the state of Michigan, we’re fortunate to work with homeowners and property managers, including places like:

  • Grand Rapids
  • Pentwater
  • Lake Michigan
  • Spring Lake
  • Northport
  • South Haven
  • Saugatuck
  • Kalamazoo
  • Ann Arbor
  • Detroit
  • Bloomfield Hills
  • Birmingham
  • Traverse City
  • Mackinaw City
  • Marquette
  • Petoskey
  • Charlevoix
  • Elk Rapids
  • Torch Lake
  • Muskegon
  • Grand Haven
  • Bay Harbor
  • Harbor Springs
  • Elk Lake
  • Glen Arbor
  • Leland
  • Lake Leelanau
  • Empire
  • Silver Lake
  • White Hall
  • Suttons Bay
  • Frankfort
  • Holland
  • St Joseph
  • Ludington
  • And many more!

This might seem like quite a spread—because it is. We’re happy to work with you in any part of Michigan, including the Upper Peninsula and the Lower Peninsula, to offer design at your doorstep. We’re versed in the state’s residential building codes and will always make sure the job is done right.

Residential Home Design

Our residential design team at 42º North considers itself design-agnostic. While there are architectural styles we consider our specialties—and we’ve won the awards to prove it—we won’t try to shoehorn you into a specific design style just because we like it. After all, it’s your home that you’re going to be living in for decades to come—so it should fit your unique tastes!

We can also customize your entire home to fit your exact needs. For example, if your husband really loves to cook, we can include an industrial-grade kitchen in the designs. Or, if you need accessibility measures and want to install an elevator to make it easier to get to every floor of the home, we can do that, too. As long as it’s within the state building codes and is otherwise safe, no idea is too crazy for us.

Home Renovations and Additions

Maybe you love the framework of your home, but the interior elements just don’t work for your lifestyle and the layout doesn’t adhere to your needs. Maybe you want to convert the interior into an open-concept layout or find a way to create more space or modernize your house.

Regardless of what your specific situation may be, our home renovation design services in Michigan and beyond can help you update your home to fit your precise vision. We specialize in updating everything from bathrooms to kitchens and entire interior floor plans.

Or, perhaps you want to include an entirely new addition in your home’s design. We’re also capable of creating new spaces that flow seamlessly into the existing layout that you can use as an in-law suite, recreational space, in-home gym, or any other ideas you may have.

Aging in Place Remodeling

We are proud to be a certified aging-in-place specialist team serving homeowners across the country. We can adapt your current home to fit your needs so you can continue to live there for years to come, including:

  • Adapting your existing bathrooms
  • Renovating your kitchen
  • Making your bedroom more accessible
  • Improving the navigability of your home overall

Our goal is for your home to not only be beautiful, but functional. We want to make sure it fits your exact needs so you can continue living independently in the place you’ve made your own.


At 42º North, we’ve created plenty of barn designs and equestrian stables so our clients and their four-legged families can feel at home and comfortable. No idea is too “out there” for us if it ultimately benefits both the owner and the horses, cows, goats, or anyone else who may need that space.

As your barn designer, we can also use our skills to build the perfect space for storing vintage cars, doing your more intensive hobbies, storing heavy equipment, or as event spaces for things like birthday parties and wedding receptions.

Connect with Us

If you’re choosing us as your home design or renovation partner, we’d like to get to know you first—and we know you want to learn more about us and our process. After all, building connections and getting to know about your ideas takes time. We’ll grab a bite to eat and have a few laughs together, either online or in person.

We’ll ask hundreds upon hundreds of questions during this early stage of the process. Where do you set your keys when you get home? Where are you most likely to set your phone down when you’re not using it? What do you wish your bathroom had that it doesn’t right now? Knowing these small details about how you use your current setup will help us design the perfect space for your needs.

One thing we absolutely won’t do in this first meeting is start drawing a potential design live in front of you. While a lot of architects and designers do this, we frankly think this bit of showmanship shows that they’re not actually listening to their clients.

Tell Us About Your Vision

You can tell a lot about home designers in Michigan based on what they think their best assets are in their line of work. Most might say it’s their hands. We say it’s our ears.

We’ll spend a lot of time learning about how you use your current space, through questions and observations. You’ll fill out a questionnaire that focuses on what you love—and hate—about your current home, homes you love in your neighborhood, or even hotels and other places you’ve experienced.

Or perhaps you live in a townhome that has three floors, which was great when you bought it and didn’t have three toddlers or arthritis in your knees. Maybe your current home existed during the 70s and all the walls are wood paneling. Or worse still, maybe your house only has one carpeted bathroom for five people and three cats.

No matter what the case might be, we want to hear about you and see how you interact with your home.

Give Us a Tour

At 42º North, we’ll take a tour of your current home or other space long before we start drafting your residential designs. Above everything else, this is our favorite part of the process! It shows us how you interact with your home in ways you might not even realize and allows us to design based on those requirements. Plus, it shows us things we can’t normally learn through a questionnaire or initial consultation alone.

Together, we’ll walk through each part of your current house to learn more about the ergonomics, spatial relations, and scale. This can tell us a lot about how to design your new home to fit exactly what you need and want.

We Put Pen to Paper

Not literally—like many of the most renowned architecture firms in Michigan, we use cutting-edge CAD software. Our top priority is to focus on the feelings you want to experience when you wake up in your bedroom in the morning, come home from work at night, and every moment in between.

It’s important to us that we learn about every goal you have for your new space. We also want to make sure you see as much of what the final product will look like as possible. That’s why we use 3D modeling to flesh out the design of your new home, barn, or stable. We’ll even go down to the fine details including the landscaping, siding, and interior design elements like the lighting and furniture arrangements.


We Partner Up with You During Construction

Even after you’ve signed off on the final design we make for you, we’ll still be around! That way, we can make sure your new dream home becomes a reality while keeping the project on budget after your building partner gets to work.

You can expect frequent site visits and communication with your building team to check in on their progress. We’ll also refer you to some recommended interior designers, landscapers, and other professionals to put on the finishing touches.

Connect with One of the Top Architecture Firms in Michigan

Eager to make your residential architectural project a reality? Connect with us today to get started and let us be your architecture partner in Michigan.