Ryan La Haie


Although the goal of 42 North has always been to design beautiful homes, our firm has been shaped in surprising ways over the years. We still offer uniquely experience-centered service, but the professionalism and the level of care we bring to our clients is tangible and has evolved into deep and lasting friendships.

Your life. Your home.

As part of our standard practice, I spend at least four hours with a prospective client before I even put pen to paper. We make every effort to meet with you in your existing home as this offers us a deep dive into how you live: what works and doesn’t work, and what you seek. What I didn’t anticipate is that this in-depth, detailed evaluation becomes a bonding experience which naturally evolves into friendships as we learn so much about our clients.

My ears are more gifted than my hands

Designers are trained to draw, but I’m not here to impress you with my sketches. The best outcome occurs when I listen to what you are telling me you want. I have also learned that good design cannot be forced. I would rather a design solution take the required time to fluidly evolve, than rush to complete something that isn’t fully thought out.

Early career goals 

From the very start of my design career, I wanted to pay homage by respecting the authenticity of any design style I undertake. I take great pride in the portfolio of homes you see on our website as it represents a wide breadth and range of design. 42 North is not about creating our own look or a consistent style to hang our hat on. All effort is made to create one-of-a-kind custom homes designs that are never to be replicated.

Trust is everything… that’s when the magic happens

I seek to push the boundaries of design with every client. You may have a concept in mind, and I will challenge your expectations by deconstructing and pulling apart traditional design with natural light taking center stage. The devil is in the details and somewhere between your comfort level and my comfort level is where the house really wants to live. If you trust our process, we can guarantee the outcome.

The litmus test 

42 North has won numerous national awards including best house and best kitchen several times. We pursue these awards as validation that we are designing authentic styles that the market finds relevant. We will continue to push the envelope and challenge ourselves to evolve. I truly believe the next project I do will be the best project I design.

Everyone at 42 North has a voice 

Our clients meet everyone in the firm. The genius here is the collaborative effort and mutual respect we have for each other’s opinion. This is not a one-man show.

We follow every project through to completion and are there to troubleshoot any potential issues along the way. What brings a smile to my face is to hear, “This is not what I envisioned at the start, and I never thought I would go there, but I absolutely love it.

Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist