Caleb Jones

Architectural Draftsman

Caleb knew from the very start that he wanted an engineering career; architecture surprised him. “Architectural design benefits from a problem-solving methodology and requires mathematical skills, but it also offers creative visual expression and tactile experience. As a draftsman, what I create delivers an enjoyable experience to people who live in that space.

Caleb comes to our firm with experience in government and educational architectural design, but he has always been drawn to residential architecture. “42° North’s online portfolio was the ideal reflection of what I appreciate in design. It is very much experiential: there is quality and scale yet warmth in its materials and design.

A point of intrigue for me is the problem-solving aspect of home design. Having conversations with clients to venture through options leads to the ability to interpret their unique situation and how their life functions.

There are always multiple ways to solve issues and I appreciate the discussions and interactions with clients that are required to discover a gratifying solution.”

Caleb joins the 42° North team to smooth the path from initial design concepts to construction documents, taking projects to construction completion.

"A point of intrigue for me is the problem-solving aspect of home design."