Our Architecture Firm in Grand Rapids, MI

At 42º North, we’ve built a name for ourselves as one of the top Grand Rapids architecture firms for homeowners and residential communities. Discover what makes us the best home design firm in Michigan, whether you need a brand-new home design or renovations on an existing house.

What Our Architecture Firm in Grand Rapids, MI Does

Residential Architecture

We specialize in custom home design, in Grand Rapids, throughout Michigan, and beyond the state lines. Our team can customize your entire home to fit your exact needs. No idea is too outlandish when we’re creating luxury home designs. As long as it complies with residential building codes, we’re open to helping your wildest design dreams come true.

Stables & Horse Barn Designs

At 42º North, we’ve created equestrian stables and barn designs so our clients and their horses can feel at home and comfortable throughout Michigan’s pleasant summers, all with beautiful architecture that’s just as appealing to the four-legged residents as it is for the two-legged ones.

We can also design barns for everything from extra spaces for your hobbies to venues for all your unforgettable parties and events. As your barn designer, we can use our skills to build the perfect space for storing vintage cars, displaying large equipment or toys, and more.

Home Addition Designers in Grand Rapids, MI

We understand—sometimes you love your home, but you’ve outgrown parts of its current layout. Maybe you want more privacy than you can currently get with an open-concept floor plan. Perhaps you want to find ways to modernize the space so it’s easier to navigate with a wheelchair.

We pride ourselves on being your best choice as home remodeling designers in Grand Rapids, MI. We can update everything from bathrooms and kitchens to entire interior floor plans.

We can also help you design additions that flow into the rest of your home. That way, you can add spaces for your hobbies, in-law suites, extra rooms for your growing family, and more.

Aging in Place Remodeling in Grand Rapids

We’re proud to be certified aging-in-place specialists serving homeowners throughout Michigan, including those in Grand Rapids who want to continue living independently at home. We’ll adapt your current home for safe independent living, including:

  • Kitchen renovations for ease of use
  • Bathroom updates for safety
  • Bedroom accessibility measures
  • Navigation updates to your home overall

Our goal is to make your home fit your needs so you can continue enjoying the place you’ve made your own for years to come.

Our Design Specialties

At 42º North, we’re open to all types of architectural styles. We’ll work with anything you want for your home design in Grand Rapids, MI. However, we have some award-winning design styles that we consider to be our specialties, including:

  • Prairie: Our award-winning Prairie-style homes focus on expanding the home’s design outward, stretching across the horizon with modern geometric lines.
  • Mountain Modern & Rustic: These mountain-inspired homes blend modern elements like natural light and panoramic windows with rustic features like natural stone and wood.
  • European: These stately homes invoke old-world design sensibilities with stony exteriors and designs that leave a lasting impression on anyone who sees them.

And more: This list is not exhaustive. Whether you’re looking for transitional designs, farmouses, or some combination of styles in our portfolio or beyond, we can make your exact vision a reality.

What Makes Us Different from Other Architecture Firms in Grand Rapids

You might have an idea in your mind of what architects are like if you’ve worked with one before—pretentious people who aren’t actually listening to what you want or need. Toss that picture out the window when you choose us as your design partners

Since we’re designing your home that you’ll live in for years to come, we want to make sure it has everything you need and looks exactly how you want it to. We value design agnosticism, friendliness, and good listening skills above all else. That’s why we opened our firm—to get away from uptight architects like we just described!

Start Working with the Best Architecture Firm in Grand Rapids, MI

We’re here to make your dream home in Grand Rapids come to life! Connect with us today to get started and let us be your architectural design partner.