Transitional Home Design

If you’re thinking about the home design that best fits your tastes and you’re torn between old and new, you may find that transitional home design fits the bill. Transitional home design uses traditional elements in a modern style to get the best of both worlds.

What Makes Transitional Architecture Unique?

A Blend of Traditional and Modern Interior Elements

Transitional home design seamlessly combines interior elements to create its own, unique blend of styles. For example, a transitional style could take the modern, minimalist stylings and neutral colors combined with the formal flair of hardwoods and decorative moldings. Open concepts are often combined with formal design elements. It’s the marrying of these two styles that creates a transitional home design.

Light or White Brick and Stucco Exteriors

Brick is often considered a timeless design element, but painted brick or limestone takes that older, traditional material and modernizes it. If you have an older brick or stucco home, painting it with a light, neutral color or whitewashing it can create a transitional element that retains the texture but uses a modern color palette.

Oversized Windows

When considering transitional home design, incorporating large, oversized windows can add a contemporary flair to an otherwise traditional home style, morphing it into a satisfying transitional style. Oversized windows can add light, make a smaller room seem more spacious, and create an airy feel that traditional rooms often lack.

Neutral Color Palettes

Transitional home designs typically offer a neutral color palette as part of their modern flair. Bold, ornate colors can compete with the traditional design elements or, in some cases, negate the modern aspects, resulting in something more old-fashioned. Muted, neutral colors are hallmarks of modern and transitional home design.

Retrofitted Modern Fixtures

Retrofitted fixtures are often a hallmark of transitional home design. Consider faucets with cross-arm handles, for example. The original screw design is difficult and slow to operate, but modern, retrofitted fixtures can take the on/off lever action and implement it with the old cross-arm style.

Why Make 42º North Your Transitional Architecture Partner?


Our Custom Transitional Home Designs

If you’re looking for transitional home designs, look no further! Our team of residential designers can give you the custom, architectural design that speaks to you. All of our designs are created uniquely for each client based on our client’s particular style, wants, and needs, keeping in mind functionality, individuality, and future use.

We’re Not Your Grandma’s Architects

Interacting with a stuffy, pretentious architect can prevent people from offering their true feelings on different design elements. Our team is laid back and focused on you. We do our best to be relatable yet professional, giving you the freedom to share your design dreams.

We want to give you an experience where your voice is heard, your ideas are valued, and you feel confident in the home design we provide. At 42º North, whether you want a transitional home design or something else, we will treat you like a friend and partner. We want to build trust, learn from you, and really get to know you, so we are able to give you the home design you’ve always wanted.

What to Expect from Our Design Process

Our design process is as unique as our firm and the homes we build! We want to get to know you, how you live, what you expect, and your tastes and preferred aesthetic. All of this will make a difference in your home design.

Our design process starts off with a meeting where we can connect as people. We want to talk and get to know you! It’s important that we both feel comfortable with each other so we can learn about each other’s styles. After our meeting, we will then have you complete a questionnaire so we can better understand your design tendencies, likes and dislikes, and overall thoughts. We’d like to tour your current home to find out what is and isn’t working. Following that, we’ll get started on your home design!

Connect With Us

We’ll get to know each other before we jump into the commitment of building your home together. Expect to have coffee with us so we can learn about your vision and get to know each other be

Share your vision

Our most important design tools aren’t our hands—they’re our ears. We’ll learn about your current space through questionnaires and observations—including what you love and hate about this space, and what you like most about different classic or traditional homes you’ve visited.


Give Us a Tour

We’ll see your current space for ourselves when we take a home tour with you. This gives us a chance to see the ergonomics, spatial relations, and scale of the home in person so we can design your new home accordingly.

Watch Us Work

We use cutting-edge architectural CAD software to give you an exact visual of what your home will look like, down to the flowers you’ll have in the front yard.


Make Us Your Consultant

We still stay in touch after you sign off on your new home design! Expect us to be in the loop with you during construction and even after you get the keys.

Make Us Your Transitional Home Design Firm

Interested in seeing how a transitional home design can meet your needs and fit your style and tastes? Contact us and make 42º North your transitional home design firm today!