Announcing the Winners of the Create for Cause Art Contest

We’re excited to announce the winners of the CREATE FOR CAUSE art contest!

The coloring contest featured our homes drawn in coloring-book form. We offered four age groups—ages 0-3, 4-7, 8-12, and 12+ (for the creative at heart). Contestants could use colored pencils, crayons, paint, or any other art supplies! Winners of the coloring contest received gift cards to local Michigan businesses of their choice.

Create for Cause is an art contest we designed to support local businesses and give kids a chance to get creative. We ran the contest during the month of May, featuring both a coloring contest and a model contest.

We also ran a model contest for all ages—and the prize was a weekend trip up north for four people! For our model building contest, contestants could build a model of any of our homes out of any medium.

AGES 0-3

Our winner for the coloring contest for Ages 0-3 was Murphy S. Murphy colored our beautiful Meadow Crossing Modern Farmhouse, and went for a minimalist approach. Murphy’s bold strokes of lemon yellow, forest green, and cotton candy pink create a striking, elegant aesthetic.

AGES 4-7

Our winners for the coloring contest for Ages 4-7 were Hazel F, Grant L, and Hazel M. They colored our Preservation Shingle house, a striking blue-gray Ada estate. 

Hazel F opted for a darker color palette, focusing on a near jet black color for the roof and finishing out the siding with an elegant Spanish grey. We love the way she colored along the flow of the lines with bold strokes!

Grant L focused on the blue of the Preservation Shingle home, using his artistic expression to veer outside the boundaries and even match the clouds to the color palette. He makes an daring artistic move by making the siding a muted blue, while bringing out a vivid celadon blue for the roof. Well done, Grant!

Not to be outdone by the previous contestant sharing her first name, Hazel M went the detail-oriented route. She steered away from the blue/gray palette and instead reimagined the house as a red brick. Her attention to detail and her multicolored gradient sky made this piece a winner!

AGES 8-12

Our winners for Ages 8-12 featured some excellent coloring by Christa V. and Taylor F. They colored our North Roma European Terrace, an intricate design with a myriad of windows and shutters, flanked by carefully-placed landscaping.

Christa V’s coloring was as detail-oriented as the Terrace home itself. She was careful to color every brick with slightly different shades, to capture the texture of the brick face. Additionally, she shaded the landscaping, clouds, rocks, and grass to give a sense of dimensionality. Great work, Christa!

While Christa did not follow the color pallete of the Terrace, Taylor F captured every color perfectly. She also added shading throughout her piece, giving it depth and perspective, and she filled in the shutters and bricks with beautiful color variations. Taylor did an excellent job bridging the gap between

AGES 12+

Our winners in the Ages 12+ category colored the North Cedar Lake Modern home, a waterfront property with distinctive gray brick colonnades, and an expansive array of windows.

Isabella D was the most striking of any entry in her use of bright colors. Using an extremely bright blue and green to anchor the page, she followed the color palette of our design to a T on the house itself—except for the white siding. There, Isabella decided to deviate, and selected a beautiful slate gray.

Colette P gave us an excellent example of knowing how to use dynamic color range. Her windows and sky are just barely shaded in blue, but her deep green bushes and striking scarlet-red siding creates an excellent focal stability. Very nice, Colette!

Maya P created something very unique. Her color palette is very outside-the-box of what we experienced from any other contestant, using a deep jungle green for the grass to set the tone, and creating brilliant white and red patterned tiles. Additionally, Maya implemented shading to give the house depth.

Ashley G did an incredible job adding depth, focus, and dimensionality. She has implemented the most careful shading of each of the entries. She has clearly chosen a location for the sun in her sky and has implemented light and shadow throughout the work. Great work, Ashley!


Emma and Jace M were the winners of our modeling category, and they majorly deserve the grand prize vacation for their unbelievable effort. They used a very unique medium to model our Flat River Contemporary home in Ada, MI—a cake. Yes, their entry is entirely edible! We’re very impressed with this over-the-top achievement, and we hope it tasted as good as it looked!

We had so much fun with the Create for Cause art contest, and we hope you did too! Thank you to everyone who participated and for all the positive comments we’ve received. You were truly part of something great, and we are so thankful!